Advanced S-400s

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Shoga peana mkia pole pole

Imagine how much more advanced Russia’s air defence systems are if they’ve started handing out the S-400 like candy.

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spot on,they are as useless as the G in lasagna.I’ve always pondered the thought of ‘world without NATO’,

All defense sales are public by virtue of the fact that the transactions are made via the global financial network and there are things like training the technical staff and annual maintenance that you cannot easily hide. Plus these weapons are on vehicles. How will you hide that???

They are already working on s500. There was a popular joke on military forums that given the current capabilities of these Russian Air defense systems, no air plan would take off when s600 comes into service.

Actually, NATO can afford to lose Turkey if it adds Ukraine.
Ukraine was the 10th largest arms exporter until Russia invaded in 2014.Because so many Russian equipment was made there. NATO would gain insight into how Russian weapons are made.
Turkey may have a large army but it’s arms industry was small and much of it was based on making parts for other nations like the US while Ukraine inherited a large segment of the Soviet arms industry.

NATO cannot afford to lose Turkey and by the way Ukraine cannot join Nato due to its current state. Turkey’s value is in controlling the bosphorus and therefore access to the black sea.
Hio maneno ya weapons sijui umetoa wapi. Europeans would never allow Ukraine to join Nato because it increases the likelihood of a nuclear war. Americans might relish at the thought of Nato bases next to Russia but not Europeans. That’s a redline for Russia

Na kweli nyinyi ni mafala, no offense. Nyinyi ni wale,watu hudanganywa gikosh ati kiatu ni oriji na kumbe ni taga taga.

What have we seen so far @Sokwe mtu… what do we know?

We have seen the MIG accidents in India. Year in year out their Russian jets have to be grounded for mechanical issues. Those jets have killed so many Indian pilots that Indian mothers forbid their kids from joining the Indian air force. Zinaitwa FLYING COFFINS.

We have also seen the recent commercial jet Putin launched recently. Inatwangwa radi inaanguka chini kama mti huko kakamega.

Halafu sasa ati ununue missile hehehe for half price and it can get an F35 hehehehe.

Nyinyi ni wale WaKenya mnachezewa na Suraya. Putin is going to make a shit load of cash selling rubbish to idiots. Trust me this thing is HIGHLY overrated.

When you see even KDF despite being highly corrupt they don’t order for Russian technology willy nilly… ogopa sana. Ask India.

Access to the Black Sea is not really important to the Europeans. It is important to Russia and Ukraine and the likes of Georgia but not Romania and Bulgaria whose land links to the rest of the EU matter significantly more than the Bosphorous. So not really.
Yes Ukraine can join the EU. Not all of it though.
Putin will have to realize that at some point the Ukrainian speaking West Ukraine is lost to him.
Ukraine may end up partitioned between a Russian speaking East and South and a Ukrainian. Speaking North and West.
The Ukrainian part has long wanted to join the EU and NATO. Steps are already been taken to ensure this happens. For example in Germany, they are considering allowing Ukrainians to work there and if that happens the floodgates will open.
As for NATO bases, there are some in the Baltic state and Russia has not nuked anyone yet and all of them are closer to Moscow and St Petersburg than any Ukrainian base would ever be.

I won’t engage with you because you don’t understand geopolitics.
The same reason why you don’t understand why everyone is rushing to build military bases in Djibouti.
The same reason why you don’t understand why Russia supports Assad.
The same reason why you don’t understand importance of warm water ports to Russia
The same reason you don’t know about the importance of Nato’s southern flank(Turkey) and
The same reason why you don’t understand Nato’s membership joining criteria.
The same reason why you don’t understand Nato’s current reconfiguration to be in line with America’s hegemonic ambitions…
The same reason you understand why you don’t understand Ukraine’s importance to Russia as a buffer and
The same reason why the US is determined to drive a wedge between Ukraine and Russia.
The same reason why you don’t understand the maidan revolution and so forth and so forth.
I can recommend a few books, resources and links to bring you upto speed.