Advanced S-400s

Ii kitu ni ngori…ikitajwa anko Sameffi anakojolea diapers…Mchinku na turkey wako box…india ndani pia
Iran tunawapea bure…

India Turkey China are all queuing up to get this defence system. US must be told they don’t own this world. We have to share it

hii Ujinga ya US kutishia watu na sanctions itaisha tu

Since iko kwa soko, mtu binafsi anaweza nunulia GoK hii kitu kama gift?

If a majority of countries ignores the USA and work together , usa will be intimidated . They can then trade , enrich uranium and USA itaficha mkia katikati ya miguu …

Vipi @sludgist aka sewer rat? Umeona @Art?

If I was Kenyan President ningenunua hio air defense system. When there is a cool toy in the market you buy it. Plus India can buy it chini ya maji.

The system has even rendered the advanced F35 jets that the US has been developing forever redundant. This system much much more effective than the Patriots za USA tena at half the price!

Putin chased Drumpf out of Syria and Iraq, where they had created a false conflict in order to sell arms.

Now, what really could they do to India? Looks the Huawei method is becoming the only trick in DC.

problem ni the majority ass kissing countries vying behind aango sam as well as few allied major powers (World Bank and the IMF) who work to generalize policies that run counter the interests of the world’s populations through foreign debte which has been and continues to be used as an instrument for subordinating the borrowers so ukicheki hapa kama uko na fuliza inabidi uchangamkie kukemea watu wengine.World bank/IMF is US ,india will need loan obviously,guess who they’ll turn to?

boss,si bangi wananunua,itajulikana hata kabla sahihi iwekwe

Misdirection my friend. Very easy.

Uncle Sam expects India to go to them for shopping… if they don’t they will ask why. Problem India fears China.

They obviously cannot retract their support for India. India has nukes.
A nuke is the only thing that earns you the respect of global elite nations.

  1. Kenya buying this ni kama kununua combine harvester na kashamba ni 50x100; very impractical.
  2. Hio sio dildo ati ikiwekwa Kwa shipment hakuna mtu ataiona. Those things are massive, and any shipment leaving Russia is tracked by US hadi destination, so claims of chini ya maji ni kazi bure…

Erdogan aliambia tilambu akajitombe na sanctions zake and he bought one 4 days ago meaning Turkey will be cut out of the F-35 warplane programme,which they are a co-producer of that bad boy ,US fears that a Russian presence and involvement in Turkey’s air defences, operating alongside the F-35, could enable Moscow to gather intell all sorts of useful intelligence, same if india does so

The F-35 is a very expensive joke.

What if they buy from US, Russia and China? Hizi issues hazitakangi werevu. Zinatakanga ujinga kama ya Trump.

Tilambu aliimba America First, and yet America wants to be incharge of everything. Akasahau kudharau ally will just cause more concern to their intelligence agency. Sasa ujeuri yake on turkey ndio hio sasa inakuja kumkoroga. But the guy is obviously unconcerned so long as biashara yake inagrow based on his status. America intel agencies, and the future administration ndio wataumia anyway.
Next to be demolished is the NATO alliance…

Just another form of legal corruption…