Advanced Energy Sources Of Ancient Civilizations

There is no way you can mine blocks the size of a Canter in their hundreds of thousands from a quarry 2,500 Kilometers away and transport them on a river with rafts.

How did they achieve this fete?

There is a quarry in Lebanon with an abandoned Monolith.

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The “Stone of the South” in Baalbek, Lebanon is the largest stone monolith ever quarried that we know of. It was unparalleled in antiquity and was presumably intended for the nearby Roman temple complex, which also contains the ruins of the massive Temple of Jupiter-Baal.

Ley lines

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Those people were not lazy like us who nowadays have simpliefied everything to using machines like electric hammer and drills. Hao wasee wa kitambo walikuwa wakitumia akili na nguvu, they had nothing else to rely on. Nowadays men have lower testosterone levels and are weak naturally.

Ndindu, hii kitu ni rahisi. The simplest explanation/solution is always the best. Occam’s razor. Visualise giants/titans with fairly advanced but not magical cargo hauling tech and the ability to cut blocks from stones the way we do nowadays, and you have your answer.

You have no idea about what you are talking about.

You are stupid if you believe the alien shit narrative which is being pushed by white supremacist.

Either this was done by giant race of human beings with advanced machines or ordinary people did it and then the technology got lost. Recall the story of the tower of Babel and how God confused guys who were building it and they aborted the mission

it was probably done by a giant race, writings say back then people were as tall as 30ft. also the technology got lost after the great flood. after a period of time, humanity goes through a period of reset where the world starts all over again.


Most probably

Many years after pyramids were built. We still can’t figure out how they were built. How they cut the stones and how they were moved and placed on top of each other and we have what we call modern technology

@Ndindu what you are forgetting the earth was one large mass pangae. After continental drift it split during ice age. The blocks could have been moved easily. Ice age changed even the rocks composition due to erosion.

How does it feel that no african did anything wonderous