Adulting in Nairobi

This adulting thing in Nairobi is utter madness… wake up, traffic, 8-5, traffic, eat, sleep repeat. I’d say one has made it when he breaks the cycle.

Pole boss. Sounds like stress even just reading it.

Watu wa Nairobi mnaitwa huku … sisi watu wa reserve hii maneno hatuelewe.

It’s called the RAT-RACE!

Hata hiyo 8 umechelewa sana. What pains me is seeing school Kids before sunrise

Btw how exactly do corporations make money and get to pay workers say 80k and above… mostly for slaving away at the office,not doing much “visible output” what’s the logic…? I only did business studies just to pass and the four years were like a semester… enlighten me

I second u,nilijiuliza hiyo swali asubuhi kwa traffic on my way to work today

5-9 ni time ya pombe


Yako sio ya pombe ni ya kusample skirts wearers na kutombana

A highschool leaver wont understand such things… Maliza 8-4-4 kwanza

Luckily I go against the traffic. Mimi huitiwa job Tao na westi nakataa. Even though it pays more but most of it will end up in transport. Halafu hii ujinga ya nairo6 kukimbia ovyo ovyo.

Tulisema ‘sisi’ hutumiwa na losers na peasants,be yuaserefu…ooh nilisema sio tulisema,sore…

By having a product they are selling or a service they are providing. BAT sells cigarettes. Safaricom provides telecommunication & fintech services. EABL sells urine…
The output may not be visible to you but for the most part it is necessary. Innefficient systems though can result in redundant labour. Which does happen.

Some corp.s make money from sourcing funding. Either from the government or private investors. They may not be making money presently, but the investors are hoping to get high rewards in the future.

Unataka wakue peasants kama wewe ama?

Mungiki hii ni ‘job’ ganii hii yenye wages cunt cover a mere fare? Ama ni kufagia pavements na kuoshaa urinals kama ndugu yako @poyoloko :smiley:

This defines your life if you get a job you do not like

Why are u wasting your time explaining simple business principles to a class 1 dropout?

Thank you for telling us nothing

Ghasiaa …