Adoption goes awry

Adopted kids are becoming endangered kids. Orson 4 and Orwell 3 are still missing. Adoptive parents are main suspects. So sad.

Men have the propensity to only want to care for kids they’ve fathered. Another man’s kid is like an eyesore to them. Is it biological or psychological?

This adoption manenos in US has become a way to make money bcz the government will pay for every kid who you take in. Imagine having 2 biological children and adopting 4,soon you will mistreat those kids if you went into it for the money.

Jojina are you sure guys are paid to adopt? I thought foster parents are the ones that get paid.

I am learning now from the case of the two missing adopted boys. The parents don’t work and they have 6 kids. Trezzell mom also has adopted kids and she does not work.

I think the laws are more stringent in Europe. Foster parents are paid…adopting is another matter.