Adopting A Dog

Similar thing happened to me, only difference in my case it was a Bitch.
She used to walk me home when i was drunk, met her years later and she was so happy to see me.
she twerked her ass and i took her home just like before.
I took a risk with her and We went to the VCT .
Got divorced after she Strayed and wasn`t loyal.

Next time i will adopt a Dog; they are more loyal.

Ama Tusker kama Juha Kalulu.


Yap. A HIV infested dog

This thread is low key g@y

How so when I meet some niggas moving around with horses and camels

Maisha imekutwanga mpaka hata huwezi appreciate small love from dogs

Siwezi weka mnyama mwenye siwezi kula.

Ombwakni mtaa yenu hybrids ngapi za mbwa hurandaranda zikisindikiza walevi?

I confess I am usually too drunk to notice

Tunajua unatafuta mkia tight

I think you are broody wewe. Where is that girl you talked about last time vienye unakapenda??leta hekaya…
Btw nakuja next month, usijifiche like last time.

Haha enjoy. Utakua na permanent escort hapo nyumbani. Ukisimama anasimama, ukitembea, aafuata, ni kama yule ADC wa Ruto.

Thing to do now is get the dog de-wormed and I’d put them on a course of antibiotics as a precautionary measure. Alafu rabies vaccine and you are good to go. Dogs are low maintenance animals.

Get a leash and collar, it will take some training but a few meaty bones in bribes will work wonders. Sit command ni muhimu na back for back off. If you are on a farm watch their behaviour around especially chicken and other small animals. Try not to put him in a kennel, dog has spent its life roaming free.

At some point you’ll have to decide whether abaki dry fry artist. Plan on getting dog number two, preferably a puppy kabla azoe sana. It really makes a big difference.


ata pope alikataa hii maneno

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Uza mcoondur firibi bila kusumbua viongos shenziii

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