Adopting A Dog

I’ve always wanted a dog, but I kind of always thought I’d get a well trained thoroughbred. Somewhere here I’ve told you about some stray dogs that used to escort me home back when I used to drink like a fool. So jana one of those dogs saw me and damn the motherfucker was too happy to see me, kept going round and round me while waving his tail. As usual he escorted me home. This time though love got triggered and I let him inside the gate. Vet coming on Friday, I guess I have a dog now. I know it’s a big risk taking in a stray whose history and temperament I have no idea about, but damn, this motherfucker took great care of me when I was careless, time to take a risk on him too.

Dogs are the most loyal animals to man, horse are number two.


I already asked about a horse, apparently you shouldnt get one horse, they get lonely and you need a full time carer. One step at a time let’s try the dog first. Also you are not getting a well documented horse for less than 500k, I’m just not ready to spend that kind of money yet.

Horses are expensive to own. Achana nazo.

Eventually al do it. The thing with horses, we have so few in Kenya that KSPCA are able to keep a close eye on all owners. Not that I’d ever mistreat an animal anyway, but I know I can’t afford yet.

Is that Dog @uwesmake?

uwesmake is a thoroughbred, dude’s been on the internet longer than most have been alive

From your description, you got the Toyota of dogs and I guess it is brown in colour so this shouldn’t really be a problem.

Shida ata si bei, kuna minimum acreage of land unafaa kuwa nayo for them to be comfortable. Hii Nairobi zimebaki tu na oligarchs wa Karen. Horses si ya watu wamepata pesa juzi.

Land iko. I’m in Nairobi only when I need to be.

until you get a visitor and she gets bit

Halafu aiite ‘bosco’ . Puzzle complete:D:D:D

Facts, ata ukisota mbwakin won’t desert you like a cat. In the west, many dead people have been found lying next to their dead pet dogs. Not a single cat has ever been found lying next to it’s dead owner unless the room or house was fully bolted up i.e windows fully closed. And the cat would eat the owner at some point before succumbing

A mongrel!

No way a Bichon Frise, Golden Retriever or St. Bernard is going to wait for drunks to escort them home. Hio ni kazi ya kina bosco, osama na simba.

Dogs have feelings. A dog will always know wholoves him/her and who doesn’t. It’s why all the strays around here take me home when we meet.

Treat a dog well and get surprised at how intelligent they are. My only fear is visitors. Dogs believe it or not, get jealous too.And if you do not understand your dog, which clearly I don’t yet, it can all go south real fast.

Class 3 problems

Why waste money on dogs while mama ya @PHARMACY anakufa na njaa?