Administrator. Why did you ban my other handle

You banned my other handle because I posted photos and bios Cherokee Dass, Roxy Reynolds,Goddess Nyomi Banxx and Pinky. In those photos I posted the successful career women were fully clothed. I have seen other members post photos here of women taken from Instagram and they were never banned. Why ban me and not the rest? You need to exercise fairness, equity and equality.

Which handle was that?

West coast productions

you don’t ask those kind of questions here NV lest you expose adnim’s fickleness.

Niaje Gashwin

poa, M-Know-it-all. mwaka mpya wakupelekaje?

Hii ni ktalk brathe where villagers discuss real issues, hii hapana porn website

Isaiah maxwell too, right?

nirudishiwe zangu za wakanyama

I continue still.

I am about yo ban this one too

@admin it was very wrong of you to ban his handle yet he was giving us some very educational insight into our past wanking materials . heshimu huyu jamaa bora asiwe ile umbwa isaiah maxwell

This week one the administrators posted a photo saying he can’t access pornhub. Shouldn’t he ban himself too

But he is. His avator says it all.

I dont know that person.

Are you American gangster rap music producer?

@Isiah Maxwell naona avator yako. Now go back to siberia

mimi ndio wakanyama

eheria ûgatego

thi ukiumaga