Administrator is waiting for somebody to die before he can do something

Ua uyo mjamaa. Ongea na @Gaza akupee ting

I second. Na tuifanyie SJ

Hehe, SJ nayo hapana

@administrator arushe hio ngamia Siberia for life with his 10000 handles

I can connect you guys to a condom seller. The condom itself is made of very thin fabric it’ll be like you are dryfrying


Sisi ni wale wa DFHKMBL with no apologies.
Na Luwere is ur nyanye

@administrator and @Electronics4u…for today i wont call you mbwa…but i myself posted a full thread about this conman and infact @Jimit was the one who helped me to finger him in the ass not to you use the material he had obtained by conmanship…as you go around chest thumping to your girlfriends that you own a site…you should do something for the kijijians who help you nukisha kitunguu…next time i wont be so diplomatic with my words

When it comes to proving beyond reasonable doubt thy youre stupid, you do not waste rime, you take the mantle. And you wonder why every talker thinks youre one very stupid fellow. Even in the face of serious danger, risk of death, you still insist on this asinine, childish, illiterate games. Just take off some time off the site or come back with a fresh handle