Administrator is waiting for somebody to die before he can do something

There are at least a million complaints on this site of scam/con/frauds attempts, some successful, by one @Dr. Kerre(PhD) aka @KijanaHot aka @K-RUPT , @Fahad Sahab , @Mtabora , @Village Grandpa , @Msupa Mpole , @zayn and so many other handles. I have repeatedly called upon the @administrator to ban these handles but the man is ignorant as fuck. Now see whats happened. Apparently, a very sick talker @Nyonganexol Monkane was also conned. Mjamaa alidanganywa akaitwa fake room, not only was he conned 5k, but he was given fake results, which is a very dangerous thing considering he could be misdiagnosed because of the fake results, creating even worse problems. Fellow talkers, we can all agree that if a talker can go these lengths of setting up a fake clinic just to con an elder, then that person is capable of doing anything to get money. That guy can even kill. @Electronics4u and @administrator , do something about that guy or the next incident will be a very nasty one.

@Dr. Kerre(PhD) school of handles contacted the man purporting to offer medical services. From the description @Nyonganexol Monkane has offered, it seems he was invited to a dinghy clinic set up just for that specicifc encounter. Kumbe @Dr. Kerre(PhD) alishafanya research kidogo kidogo akatype na kumpea @Nyonganexol Monkane ati report.

Clearly, this isnt even a formal/lab report, this is just something typed on Word. Hawk eyed talkers wameona crucial details are lacking herein. Hakuna technical or chemical names. Just plain English. Alafu @Nyonganexol Monkane akaambiwa ako na kina aina ya ugonjwa, being set up for another scam. Lucky him he was broke, otherwise angebuy fake meds. Seriously, this is dangerous.

So @Nyonganexol Monkane feels sick and seeks help from this shithole which habours small thieves ,conmans and ex convicts?
Isn’t that not mwiba wa kujitakia?
When they tried conning me and found out am clever ,I was lebelled mkamba mjinga and homosexual .
Hapa hakuna huruma .
@Weyn also known as Humphrey is a thief ,all those handles I usually feel are run by certain clean sponser handle who is very arrogant [ATTACH=full]471532[/ATTACH]

This Kijiji will be the death of me

:D:D:D:D juveniles assume since they heard Tom hunyoa fudhe za wamama , they simply inbox you contacts za Bibi zao wakimea bushes ,Kisha waki Tom bewa wanaandika thesis vile Kijiji ni mbaya


Toa maoni ya maana na uache kukojolea thread wewe mtu wa kula dogi, ama wewe pia ni group of handles unajaribu kuderail thread.

@Nyonganexol Monkane SI ni yule alisema akona Ile challenge ya kuajibika kijogoo?


Mkamba, it is to my understanding that uko ukambani mnakosanga maji adi mnaenda kukamja kuma ya nyoka hoping some water will splush out. Its not your fault, it’s called desperation. Thats the same thing that @Nyonganexol Monkane suffered from. This isnt a joking matter, it’s very serious. Grow up some neurons you moron

:D:D:D:D:D You have to be a special type of stupid to believe anything you see and read here.

People are conned because they are greedy and desperate. Hii kijiji nilikuja kuona you take what is written here with a pinch of salt. Ukiamini kila kitu inaandikwa hapa utachezwa kabaya kizee. We are living in a man eat man society. @Nyonganexol Monkane hope utasaidika bro before anything bad happens to you healthwise.

hapo sasa. Wengi hapa wametoka ama wanaishi ocha,kushikanisha vitu haraka ni ngori


:D:D ata Mimi itabidi niingie hii mix

I would like to expose the talker but I am fearing I am going to be doxxed here. When visiting the ‘doc’ I gave out my details including phone number, date of birth, place of residence, email address. I am in a really bad place at the moment.

You know very well his handles is among the above.

You may have a different handle otherwise and the con will be further exposed on different forums.

:D:D:D:D copy @Brayo44ki for seriousness. You two are cunts ,how can you allow yourselves to be conned by online strangers?
Well they say mkamba mjinga but siwezi coniwa na ghaseeer za online or kamiti. Do you understand the concept of caveat emptor and sourcing help locally .
You mean the affected party doesn’t have close friends or family to help him so that he seeks help here?
Lastly the way you seem to know all those are conned makes me wonder are you the same dog conning them then shouting loud to condemn your otherself like God and Satan? Kumbafff

Ii ujinga yote unaandikia nani sasa? Wewe akuna kitu unaweza niambia msee, wewe ni mkamba mjinga, the only thing unaweza nifunza ni kukua mjinga kama wewe. Nothing else, I would take an opinion from a dead cockroach before mkamba mjinga Pharmacy aniambie chochote In fact, youre the most intellectually and probably physically inferior creature on ktalk, thats why you get picked on by any random dude. Do not quote me again, you have pencils to buy.

You are a fool , sijawahi pata fala Kama wewe:Danyway as you say I will never quote you .but since with your stinking foreskin you can’t notice u quoted me first . Endelea kuona nikiwa mjinga yet sijawahi omba hapa mninunulie pencil .
You are truly the biggest fool here