@admin and Kanjo Cops. I appreciate and understand your need to drive traffic,Alexa ratings and increase the size and 'smell’ of kitunguu.
But being notified every time the chief fillage idler @gashwin posts something. Or when that Murefi called @Makonika decides that we need to see the contorted imaginations of his drunk mind. Or when that turela makanga who recently tagged himself as the elder statechieth @Meria Mata steals images and posts them here.
These notifications are stealing the thunder from the thrill of logging in and seeing what blubberman @Motokubwa has been upto with the claims that he is @Phylgee 's main squeeze.
Its tiresome haki…save us from seeing a mirrion notififications that add nothing to the experience…

What are you blubbering about?

You and who?Ama uko na mimba…talk for yourself

Darling…you are on your own

Is diversity not what makes a village?

Hii jamaa ya tuktuk inalia nini?

Kamagera wa tuk tuk leo inakaa uko idle sana. Osha tuk tuk to keep busy.

Apparently I am the only one who is getting these notifications. Kwani wameamua kunitesa?[ATTACH=full]255096[/ATTACH]

PS: And I am not charging my phone!

aren’t you following those people??

Charge simu!

I spent the weekend in @Mundu Mulosi 's home village last weekend and apparently network ni 2G…[ATTACH=full]255099[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]255100[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]255101[/ATTACH]
Then getting back to civilization I find a million useless notifications…

Uncheck hiyo box inasema receive email notifications,

NO! Why would I need to follow anyone here?

Muthee,how slow do think I am?

Very slow

Ina kaa kama umeonja kitu leo au niaje? Never seen you like this

Barabara haifai kuwa ivyo…hata kama no ocha, inafaa kuwa na drainage

Inakaa…key word. But you on the other hand would know what kuonja kitu feels like,kweli rongo?

OP ingia inbox ya hawa admin uwache kupigia village mzima kelele watu wakila lunch

Eeeish pls. Usitukane our Liberty. Keep the peace.