I am seeing some very strange handles, very idle handles that post one or two threads in as many years but ni VEs. I know you award every handle 100 trophy points on each anniversary but I propose that you only award those handles that have been active.

It is embarrassing to see some handle with 0 likes, 2 messages, 111 trophy points (for example) being a VE while another handle has 650 likes, 93 trophy points na 1071 messages is a SV.

All the VS’s deserve it as at now, but hope it won’t get to a point where a handle has remained idle for 10 years only to be declared a VS on its 10th anniversary due to accumulation of trophy points in those years.

Please consider this whole trophy point-title connection to avoid encouraging laziness in the village.

pata kcr moja utulie

SV ukijibiwa uje uniambie…

Hehehe, I really do not expect an answer as such. Am just putting it out there


niaje culture…ngotha-hunt iko mtaa gani leo?:D:D:D

hahaha…kuja pole pole mzae.ndio narudi kutoka ukambani.acha nisafishe majamaa macho kwanza

Kuna vile some of us have lives to live na si kuregarega kwa village every now and then, anyway tafuta arimis na uende uoshe macho kwa @culture … Meffi!

Una machungu sana, don’t know why. I have not insulted anyone, I didn’t expect anyone to react strongly to this post, I am surprised that you have!

Kwani Titles za Ktalk husumbua watu??

To a very large extent they do, and not for anything else but at least they give people a feeling of belonging, this is no doubt a village though a virtual one but it is a village

You have esteem issues.Titles with no tangible benefits will be the last thing i will ever care about.

It is not about self esteem here, just challenging the whole trophy point-title thing. That’s all

Johnny come late. So u suppose this village started magically with 15k plus members? Stop whining and chase your KCR pole pole… Some of us have contributed and witnessed this village grow from it’s infancy. We didn’t join for the free credit… There was non!

Hehehe…you’re one of them

KcR releoaded!

Gojeeni niweke quiz ya KCr


Niaje Nyakundi