Admin, why not join this category with the technology category?

Sometimes I don’t know where to post some topics or queries. I think tv became tech kitambo sana.

Besides, this category here doesn’t see much activity nowadays. It isn’t as active as it used to be back in the days when @Meria Mata and team were mesmerizing us day in day out with freesat lessons and all. But we transitioned to other things and so people abandoned this place.

And if you’d scrutinize a bit you’d will find that there are some topics that are posted in the tech category that ought to be posted here while some that you find here ought to be there. Meaning that the dividing line between the two categories is indiscernible.

What do you think?



Delete it ,satellites TV is outdated technology

Thank you, Mr President, Sir!!!

And just that people don’t get lost when trying to reach for the category, the signboard of the category could read, SCIENCE, TECH AND IPTV.