Admin why doesn't block option work?

I’ve banned @TrumanCapote but for some reason I still keep seeing her idiotic threads.

Also, she’s in the habit of changing her profile every two days to fool users into opening her threads.



Wachaneni na Tluman Capote mbuana. She is a tlue sonja.

Hanjakosea mutu!

Njust ingnore her mposts if you ndisanglee winth her ompinions.

I stand in solindality with @TrumanCapote

So Unataka Tufanye Nini… Tukulilie???

Nimalinzie iyo minyoo

Madam naomba nikutombe mcoondu

Looks like the witch has her compatriots this time

@anon63245085 @Electronics4u @mundu_mulosi @system mnataka kuambiwa aje ndio msikie?


Leave the beeech alone , why not ignore her posts kwani what type of oestrogen filled sissies do we have here ?

Log out hautamwona tena. Meffi

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