@admin please can you have a forum for gay community so that they can stop molesting the rest of us with their sordid tales of how they put their ninis in faecal matter. This thing has now gone too too far,it started with teabag which is well known gay community techniques. Moved to motorbike. Anatha one from gay community, now these sodomites are going into the gory details of how they indulge in their perverted acts. Surely, is it in order for a majority heterosexual population to be molested almost daily with these types of unmentionable stories. We are really suffering, can you rescue us. Some few people who’ve decided that their bodies and minds are the devils workshops should not subject us to the evil they do in dark corners. As in throwing faeces on our faces.pls give them their forum wea they can be as rotten as they want with out our knowledge. Bcz surely this now the height of a rotten group molesting very innocent bystanders with these horror stories! Its like the devils story telling time. Aiiii. Its very traumatizing aki. Assist!

Blame is one you have made it impossible for boychild to afford you sell it to the highest bidder …Hustler ataendelea kugua polepole juu ya dryspell. Continue selling to your reach toothless sponsor.

dryspell shouldn’t be associated with gayism


There is nothing like gaysim @makena ukapata moja umpakulie vitu vizuri he will live to curse the day he started admiring to pooopo hole

Speak for yourself. I personally think this place could do with more rainbows and thongs.

Kihii kiagamu is thinking of motorbiking to your nudes

wewe ni mefiiiii

safisha watu mechoo na black thigh labda wataacha kutajataja mcooondu kwa kila thread

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Unaeza pea mtu hadi kwa mkia?


True…watched a clip in mafisi channel where a Kenyan slut I think, was sucking cock after anal and the cock had shit…ferking disgusting.

Ukivunjwa virginity ya ass hufai kukuja kutusumbua, most of us have enough problems… heal silently

sasa nani atakamua huyu makena aache kutusumbua hapa tunasherekea pris ur problem pelekea gashwin ama mundu mulosi

@GeorginaMakena ========>

[li]He who smelt it,dealt it[SIZE=1] thats all i can say[/SIZE][/li][/ol]

Butcherman 2018 haitaisha.
Huyo mtu itabidi amejileta kwako.