Admin weka link ya all 'All threads'

@admin weka hii link ndio nisishinde nikimanga manga from one forum to another. It was a very handy feature in the old version since it made it very easy to navigate threads

Pia I want a feature to ignore mods.

Admin I want a feature that allows me to extend my hand through the internet and slap negroes.

It is there already, check this icon on the top right :zap:

The button you’re referring to lists threads according to the most recent reply. For instance, thread ya last week ikipata reply mpya intatokelezea hapo juu kabisa. In the old version kulikuwa na option ya ‘All Threads’ ambapo threads zote zilikuwa zimepangwa based on when the thread was created so it was easy to catch up after being offline for a while.

@admin do something on the above issue…maybe u can have two sorting options i.e by date posted and by recent reply

I think there are 2 camps of talkers, those who liked the “all threads” functionality na those who prefer seeing “new posts” first. I, like many others, belong to the latter one because i think it’s more interesting to read active topics that are generating traffic.
Also by clicking on “new posts,” you still can read all threads but you may have to go on pages 2,3, etc.

Yes, there are two camps: Those who understand the difference between “all threads” and “new posts”, and those who do not. Before the upgrade we had both buttons, but now we only have “new posts” at four different locations, FOUR!!!

What is so hard to understand?

No one is disputing that we have an icon for new post(even if it mightt be a new post in an old thread which one might not be interested in anymore)
What the talkers are asking for is an icon that lists all threads according to the date they were posted…(not according to when a post or comment in a thread was done)
For Example
@Purple might post a thread now…after which 50 talkers comment on 50 older threads hence resulting in 50 new threads coming infront of purples thread even though the 50 guys might be posting(commenting)on threads from the previous week…
Its pretty straigh forward…

My friend. The icon you’ve described is exactly the one for which I’m advocating!

Letme try again…
A thread can have several posts(i.e replies)
Soo if i comment(post/reply ) on a thread from last week…it will result in that last weeks thread being ranked as the latest according to your icon(button)…even though it is not the latest posted thread …instead it is an old thread with a new post…

Like this thread we are commenting(posting) on…it is ranked as the 3rd newest thread…see image below…but we all know this in an old thread only that it has the latest post[ATTACH=full]161326[/ATTACH]

Ooh. I understand. Asante

Fair enough. Why not have both buttons??