Admin unasumbua

Why do you want me to download Opera Mini, while you can see that I already installed it? I can’t visit your site with cookies disabled, and yet yet you can’t give relevant ads… I’ll disabled them, endeleeni kulala job tu.


You have a missed call…


irruminati unasumbua

And a missed alarm too… But hazikuhusu

utakua free saa ngapi tuongelee hii


Plus a missed alert.


Uliza @admin how to block ads on ktalk kwanza.

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Uko bado sana boss. By the way, can you see that for the alarm there two icons, moja kubwa, and a smaller one?

But I’m sorry, I wanted to talk to your boss, not you. Seems you never read the Law No. 1

You have used the bundles beyond your limit!

Ulianza kutumia rununu lini?

Alarm kubwa ni ya momo na hiyo nyingine ni ya 1 GB!



Simu ya singo matha haishikangwi

Hapana tambua

Your download is complete

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Sisi watu wa 4G hatumtambui.


downloads, not download. I rarely have time to clear them

By just looking at the font of the H+, you can easily admit that I’m actually past 4G.

H+ ni 3G
LTE ni 4G.

Kubali tu place uko

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