Admin sitaki huu upuzi

I wish to reiterate that only @kanguthu makes my heart paragashaa.

Sijui ni nani hawa @administrator unaniletea through backdoor


Care to tell them am taken,pleease

Is this true that y’re faggot. Disgusting


Halaal! A who ze fack is this?

@patco ameamua atawafungulia boot mpende msipende chunga sana :D:D

Yes do you wanna hook up,I also accept referrals,you know,your dad,bro,cousin,friends wote napita nao

Wee Humbwer hii Nilikwambia pahali tutapatana nitakuweekelea maupper cuts uwache kua unaota na mimi.

Maraya mzee

Babe unaona vile ni na demand

I also got that hey crap