Admin saidia

Is there a way to ignore a Talker in just one topic and not the others ? Sometimes you want to see Talkers views in politics and business lakini hutaki kuona kwa sekshual relationships.

Hii ni nini mdau? Vavanua priss.

Talker…wacha ni edit.

Admean hukutimiza ahadi.

[SIZE=5]Why have one foot in and the other foot out?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Either cut someone off completely or put up with their nonsense![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Alafu what is so hard about scrolling past the comment you don’t want to see?[/SIZE]


Chini ya kila thread kuna option to see ignored content.

Cancel culture Kijiji style, this place is amazing.

Filters muhimu

Its just filtering…Sometimes you can engage with Talkers in many different topics, alafu ukienda kwa Sex and Relationships same Talkers have very explicit content that can lead you to a rabbit hole (read ngwati). You regret afterwards. So you want to block a Talker kwa hapo kwa S and R, but then you’ll miss out on engaging with them kwa news…

It’s true, some talkers have sexual preferences that rub one the wrong way. All the same this place has very intelligent folks and lewd in equal measures, personally I’ve blocked a few so I know I miss out on some good stuff lakini hakuna vile nitakubali kuona vitu za ushoga na ignore iko.