Admin niaje..

I like reading complete hekayas sii nusu nusu I’ll usually wait for all parts to be posted, then in the old format I would go to ‘find all treads by…’ juu wengine huwa hawaweki link ya previous episodes. Sasa naona haiko. Ama mimi ndio si ioni?


@karema-hitI kuwa patient tafadhali Admin anangojea consultant na atapatikana tu weekend. kuendelea ku-complain na kuongezea sida singine hasikua simetajwa ni kumuongezea tu migrant headache…give him time…

****In public relations there’s an action we call “DO NOTHING”. this is when an embarrassing story that exposes you badly breaks and you can only make it worse by either telling the truth or a lie. you keep mum and hope the story will die on its own or a bigger one will break to steal the headlines…



No wonder migration ilifanywa peak hours

When all else fails in spiking a story, ‘fire-fighting’ must be contemplated.

hapo sasa.

@admin , @Deorro , @old monk , @Mundu Mulosi , @Electronics4u , @Purple and anyone else behind that curtain…
Go back to your settings and fix this busaa den.
It’s not working.
Shika hii TBT ya 2016.
Chieth again.

kuwa mpole

Nimekuwa na siku mrefu.

tuko wengi

Mimi sipost hekaya mpaka rectifikashen ifanyike. You are messing with my ambition of becoming a Village sponsoress bana.

Hizi new changes zinabore @admin, @Purple revert to the old system. Apart from improving the avatars images nothing else is worth writing about. Hiii inakaa ni scandal ya IT department yenyu.