Admin meffi sana

Exposee zililetwa deadly na ngeus anajiita @Shiroe if I’m not wrong. Admins mameffi wakatoka lunch wakaipull down. @Duke of Thika Road ulikua na kesi unaeza jitetea kwa hii thread. Unfortunately I couldnt screen grab anything

Why the ferk are they actually removing exposee threads? It’s not like anyone is being doxed or anything.Just a bit of harmless laughs. This chickened legged NGOMBE @Purple anahudhi sana walai.

Screenshots ziko…wacha waende afternoon siesta…

Hawa Admin na Dp Ruto hawana tofauti kubwa

Matapakas behaving like some hormonal high School kids…
@admin and company wacheni ufala…

I’ll impregnate the lass though am made to understand she’s hitting menopause in two weeks

@Purple ako na haga kubwa hadi hata umwekee side mirrors hatakuwa na hindsight.

Maybe shiroe has been paid off to delete it.
:D:D darn thing made my afternoon .

Loving the avatar. Thanos was awesome, yes?

mos def. I’d wish he lives forever in MCU as an immortal villain

Mimi pia na vile nilikuwa nimeboeka…

Me too. He’s got a screen presence that could make for an awesome batch of movies and possibly even spin off into an award winning series.

That’s highly unlikely coz even my post was removed alafu who the ferk will pay Shiroe to delete an exposee thread in a freaking anonymous site. Kwanu watu hukuwa na careers and families huku :D:D

Niaye VS? :D:D messy blow jobs ndio Gani?

Ni zile zinawacha mess ya pearls kwa chesticles ya dem.
Umbwa ii.
Na nimekukatia kwa inbox pia.

NYET! you will not derail this thread .

You’d be surprised.

Some people don’t know how to separate what happens IRL with their online personas. Its why you’ll find a million threads with people bitching about irrelevant crap!

hata navy seal hakuwa na shida na hio thread na vile nilikuwa nimemulikwa , monkey ako na ufala sanaa

VS ulikuwa exposed too :smiley:

I’m helping you by derailing the thread bitch!

Walahi madame wako na shida ya dm left right and centre.:D:D:D