Admin malaya

@Electronics4u @mundu_mulosi
kazi yenu ni gani kwani? why am i tagged in this crappy nonsense? nyinyi nyote ni ghasia malaya takataka. firweni mikundu.


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buana turdmins should get their shit together

Cyprian Nyakundi i thought you bought and now own this cesspit?

Enyewe this is becoming a joke. Clean these mess up.

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The Site is becoming unusable…

It is like nobody cares!

Sisi sote affected by this multiple unwanted notifications tuanze kutusi @Electronics4u na jina ya mama yake…that could work.

Tulishaarusha huyo mjamaa Siberia till further notice.

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U need psychiatric help my dear

You let him expose how weak the system is before doing anything about it. He already shit all over the place now the whole house smells like Kapotty’s panty

The issue isn’t throwing him in Siberia but the vulnerable system n admin. Why should this happen?

Toeni whatever button mtu anafinya eveyone is tagged and while at it hip ignore button ya kapanty ikue to our benefit hatutaki kusoma composition zake we are not here to mark


Sawa wadau

This fucking place is a right mess.

Atutoe sisi wote kama vnye alifanya, aclean hio mess

Bana. I got 16 notifications. I thought I had been engaged and my posts responded to. Kumbe ni balaa!

This entire site has become steaming pile of dogshit, hakuna admin huku afix hii takataka.

Mimi si your dear kijana , am Santa Claus van tepesh.mimi Dio hupandilia mwende not the other way round