Admin kuja hapa.

There’s always the ignore button.
Awhile back, I suggested the upvoting (like) and downvoting (dislike) of comments which enables quality posts to be more visible and the nefarious ones getting hidden with a tag hidden due to low score.
The most upvoted comment gets pinned with the tag readers’ favourite.

Quality posts would make NVs and members discuss constructively and generally improve the standards here

But, kama kupigia mbuzi guitar.

I only have one handle

First things first: what you suggesting should be aired to xenforo.
Admin kitu ya maana ako nayo ni power to moderate the forum not adding your suggested prototypes to running source code.

sasa hii thread ikiwwa example, ungedelete comments gani, juu sio moja

Admin don’t be like Twitter Facebook zukabaka … wacha freedom of speech and expression ikue. teach them ow t use ignore button

[SIZE=2](unajua tukifanya venye wanataka content itapugua hence traffic)[/SIZE]

Na yeye hukuwa nani ju huwa ananishtua?? Anajionaga mtamu sana utathani anatakwa na kijiji yote… Ata mjinga Kapot hakuagi ivo

ndio nimeland kwa uzi after 9 months and i VETO this idea