Admin Fix this Glitch

I blocked @TrumanCapote so why am I still seeing her posts?

To be clear, I have already blocked the smelly woman:

I feel the need to mention that I’ve also blocked @lionheart, the guy that goes around sniffing @trumancapote’s skid-marked panties.

@electronics4u, care to tell us why the block button isn’t effective? When I block some idiot, I expect ALL their idiotic posts to vanish. Clearly, @trumancapote is a mentally challenged smelly woman. I don’t want to read her crap. She needs psychiatric help. She also needs to scrub her skid-marked panties.


Blocking someone on an online forum is like mnyambo wa punda ie no one cares. If you feel so special that you dont want other members on the forum, then you can start your own forum where you can be posting alone without being bothered by anyone.

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Nice try, @TrumanCapote. I’m blocking this other handle too.

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