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I have a suggestion and will go straight to the point. While the development of ktalk was the back to back adoption of klist, I think it was blindsided.
While copying the good stuff, the bad stuff was undiscriminatingly adopted. While I highly applaud the noble idea, I would like to address an innocent concern.
I cant lie nor take sides but I used to hate it how @Supu don used to treat klist like her vagina. She could decide when to give it up, when to cover it in barely fitting cotton and when to clean it. Unfortunately, one of the most afflicted members was one @Uwesmakei . He used to get banned and so forth.
Its quite sad when authority gets into the mind especially in a forum whose success is dependent on most influential and popular members.
Anywho, i think moderators should be more anonymous, if that is a thing. Reflecting on recent episodes when one @Deorro was feelingswise incapacitated, more anonymous authority would mean that a person does not seem a figure of authority over adults. That means that interaction and free expression would be more engaging and devoid of baseless entitlement issues. A larger image would portray an online social society of more liberal and democratic individuals, better instigated by a multitude whose authority is not only anonymous but also fair and squarely unapologetic. This has seen the success of most international forums and social networks.
If moderators feel the need to comment and chip in conversations, they should do so under the guise of common members and their interactions should never be swayed by the currents of personal or opportunistic attacks and power misuse.
A judgement would best suit a common ground and uncompromised sobriety.
You should even leave the anonymity of authority as a secret among yourselves. .
The fall of klist was ridiculously inherent when, metamorphically speaking , the angels descended from heaving to interact with common folk causing the more immortal beings a sense of authority over seemingly less beings.
I however understand the delight of villagers when certain members like @Jiran , @aviator and @Wakasungura group of handles is banned since it falls under common interest but the disassociation of some individuals based on personal matters, constant abuses, other village law breakages not withholding, should be fairly addressed.
So maybe you should revise your structure


Fuack supudonchieth

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shemeji ,niaje?

Damn mann I miss klist…

lamba mkundu pole pole bila kunitajataja

Poa semeji

You are on point about angels and children of a lesser god…

Mbona the fogotharing @pimpin5000hoes?

You can just say that @Deorro and @Mundu Mulosi need to carry out their mod duties without letting their personal beliefs, wishes and feelings get in the way. For example, a mod should NEVER use the knowledge arising from his extra privileges and access to intimidate or ‘humiliate’ a member. In the case of @Mundu Mulosi, labeling a member GAY when that member has never fucked him is wrong. Hizo frustrations wajifunze kukanyagia.




Admin ni ng’ombe tu. Haiwes patkana hapa.


Kwanza hata mtu akitoka ban ati unapata notification you must wait for 234 seconds to perform this action is imbecility of the highest order. Infact I would prefer @Mundu Mulosi ama @Electronics4u to be admin.


okay , :D:D:D

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Yeah, very annoying. You wonder whether we’re dealing with imbeciles or what. Why does someone in his right mind have to reduce someone’s bandwidth because he suspects you are so and so? @Thagichu no longer appears because of frustrations. So many claim their pages take forever to load. Is as if it’s adding food to someone’s table.

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Hata @kamnjoro was frustrated akajitoa.

Yangu I have to click on everything twice. Sijui nateswa sababu gani… (waiting for some FULL to talk about bundles)

2 Likes to your rescue,hakuna haja ya kukaa mahali instead ya kuwa celebrated munakuwa tolerated

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Well said. Lakini unapigia mbuzi guitar. Accept and move on but continue being yourself to the core. That’s where the “problem” is and they can’t control that.

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Enda huko umwambie huyo admin awe a bit creative. You don’t steal names. If the forum could have a more creative name with appealing interface, user experience, themes etc, most of the guys here would be having accs there.