admin banae

Kuna mod ghassia amengoa 10 threads za kuosha mecho , hata hazina porn. You need to purge your house, kuna enemy of development hapo ndani.

Meanwhile kuna sunguch pale Twitter hukua fiti. Elder, nimekupea through pass:D
Anti crick batallion. Ndio hii hapa[ATTACH=full]296971[/ATTACH]



Uwesxumbwa you av no wife,posting naked bitches this early and claiming to av a fat zonkey okuyu yf

Apantmbuaa nvchieth in fact nime kublock

Block ubwa hii how many handles av I moved from NV to elder na nasukumwa Siberia?

Why is she showing us her areola and nipple?
Those are private parts like the clit.

The administration of the kijiji are working hard to cleanse and purify the site. The purge is on.

The damage is done and dusted. Nvs wanaingia forum kuulizia Lanye all because @administrator allowed stupid threads of brothel na kusalimiana. Nimechungulia Senate and they’re doing very okay. Veterans & Elders wengi wamehamia Senate

:D:D:D:D:D…it’s called female Empowerment

A few of us complained last year and when the MoDs started taking action, guys were up in arms complaining. I actually told the MoDs at the time that I think there was a designated plan to bring such a forum down by airing all those tusalimiane threads. They ignored. Now they are attempting to clean up when the horse left the stable. Pia mimi nangoja kijiji yetu huku niende huko ASAP.

Also Uwes, did you miss the thread where a MoD said they were almost sued a while back for these posts? the internet laws are changing worldwide.
Lastly I don’t think they are all NVs. Some are those old timers looking for some ‘entertainment’.

Tombwa ghassia

There is no way we can turn a national platform like ktalk into a K-Street. If one wants to solicit for holes online, there are so many avenues that deal with it.

Think the damage is a bit extensive now. Quite why they can’t go to pornsites is beyond my comprehension. Why do they drag those mbishas from those sites where they belong and bring them to KTalk? There is a fine line between some fun and addiction. The line was crossed.

Admin Wa huku maybe ameona vile Senate Ina prosper bila safisha mecho , brothels na kusalimiana posts. Lastly faggots na matusi yamejaa huku. My message ton @admin it’s too little too late. Maji yashamwagika

But you know at the end of the day what matters to site owners is the money they rake in. Not how many people are logged in there/here talking trivia. The money. Last I checked KT was always ahead of them in terms of members online all the time.
Besides it is pretty obvious most are back here using new handles…anayhoo…watajisort…

Unfortunately so!