Admin Ban This Fucktard Noel2019....

Kazi ni kujaza server na Somali this, Somali that… Kwani huyu boy alidinywa Matako na Msonjo? admin do the needful, huyu jamaa anaudhi.

Anafaa apigwo viboko juu ya upii.


well said… aende akapost ushenzi wake huko>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> somalitalk

@Noel2019 = @Bingwa Scrotum
High time we have quarantine section !

Are you somalians lol

bingwa group of handles:D:D:D:D:D

Get busy young man. Go find a girl and get busy. Jinga

Is that the best advice you could come up with lol


the best is reserved for more intelligent people

You wouldn’t be living in a warfare /low income house if you were "intelligent " lol

what is a low income house? how much tax do you pay? How many citizens do you employ? How many people would mourn you if you were to die today?

Hawa wasomali Ni wajinga tuu


wakiwa wajinga ivo they are incharge of your country’s key institutions. meaning nyinyi ndo wajinga zaidi


Somalians is not grammatically correct

:D:D:D:D hii haijafikia mzito Trump akisikia ataongea yake you’re .

Which key institutions are those?

Why then do they complain of being discriminated if they are in charge of key institutions?

Somalis are the only people in the whole country who kidnapped Cuban doctors then kill non local teachers and then brag how brave they are…then later complain how the region lacks teachers and doctors!!!

You are ignorant.

keep up the goodwork @Noel2019 tuko nyuma yako maliza hizo ghassia za zoomalia .