Admin and pinned Threads

dear admin this pinned threads are so many and majority are irrelevant.Kindly remove.

How comes i can’t see any pinned thread…

I support your concern. Atoe hizi pinned articles!

Maybe you are short sighted and cant see small objects and thats why you cant see pins

You mean he has never seen his dick.

Yeah they need a revision atleat weekly

Not all the threads are useless, [COLOR=rgb(61, 142, 185)]@monoballer apunguze tu zingine


Nope, I have 2020 vision… senate mimi huona zote… uku ata wasee wengine nimeblock huona post ama replies zangu it madness…

Ata mimi sioni pinned thread yoyote??
Mtu aweke link ya moja @Addi Teacher

Craziest Lanye Stories - Sex & Relationships - Kenya Talk
I wish I knew. - Sex & Relationships - Kenya Talk
Pipeline Vs Zimmerman who is the pound for pound poko city queen? Tough vote! - Sex & Relationships - Kenya Talk
KUOA - Sex & Relationships - Kenya Talk


nmefungua mbili na sio pinned:D
NyewVees pambaneni na hali yenu…

poa lakini nmeona moja ilinipita

Administrator ni meffi sana

If blocking toxic ppl with some negative energy is umama i wear that badge produly.

Hii imepita wengi

@Electronics4u remove all pinned threads older than two weeks

Maliseni fundi bandia


Pinned = Admins multiple handles accounts.