Admin and Mods cc Deorro Village Memo

Everyone registered on this forum is here to have some fun, enjoy themselves, kill some time, vent out their stress, ask for advice and whatever other stuff they may fill the village offers and they need.

Having said that, a talker, i guess @The_Virus stated that you have made some bad decisions before mostly lone decisions without any consultations with the stakeholders (i.e. the content contributors, because the content is what keeps on bringing us back in here). You may pay for this site, but that is nothing compared to the man hours that people invest in this community, on this I clearly state that those man hours be considered, whenever you make any decision like pulling down any post.

Secondly, @Deorro I hold nothing against you personally since we communicate from time to time, so this is completely without prejudice but chill the fuck out brother…if you need to take some time off, hand over your duties to someone else to hold down the fort for you when you are chilling out. Being a “Staff member”(Its the internet BTW so that looses all meaning) does not mean that you are a god, or that the playground does not apply to you. As long as you insist to be a villager here means that if someone insults you, you grow some balls and insult back…that is the lowest you can go. But kuweka mtu equator just because they felt you deserve an insult today is frankly speaking over-reacting to a small issue. How many times has olmonk been insulted here? he always takes it with a light touch because it is the internet…nothing much to cause him sleepless nights no matter how many insults come his way.

Having said that banning @aviator was in bad taste and should be undone. Plus I fully support @jerrydubiz post below this one




Of all the mods, @Deorro is too temperamental and petty.


nimesoma VILLAGE MOMO nikakuom haraka .

anyway deorro did the right thing huyo mama alitusi deorro ovyoovyo hata mimi nilitusingi oldmonk akaniban 2 months sikulia kama panya na @old monk mumnyanganye zile likes zake vile mulichukua zangu 10,000 like with impunity na mukakatalia arudi NV .


I fully support @Deorro in this one and I have got nothing against aviator as well.
Villagers are just looking for another opportunity to grab @Deorro’s shirt.

I remember @Mundu Mulosi banning Bingwa for direct abuse against him on this forum. None of you raised an eyebrow. Now it’s deorro and everybody’s eyebrows are raised higher than opera curtains. That’s two faced if you ask me.

This forum would lose diversity if every mod took in abuse in the same way as @old monk. Aviator loves pushing @Deorro’s buttons and somehow that’s had to come to an end… Her concern in my opinion was petty…If I were in Deorro’s shoes I would have made that decision without hesitation every single time. If she came back and repeated the same I would send her back. There has to be a limit and Deorro did well to draw the line.

Let the good lady serve her time she will be back.


Bingwa is an ass that brings nothing to the community…Aviator on the other hand cannot be compared with bingwa…no way





I think much of these problems mentioned boil down to an early failure to manage expectations.

It’s pretty clear that the we can’t have an anything-goes, absolute free speech zone with no moderation or anti-harassment policies – but that’s what the site has allowed for some time. Now, when the administration cracks down, users think their freedoms are being curtailed. The mistake made was ever allowing a certain kind of freedom in the first place, because people developed an expectation that it would persist.

Concerning moderation and the right to “free speech” /abuse
What needs to be understood is that there really are categories of speech which most reasonable people expect and perhaps even prefer would not be ‘protected’ (permitted and perhaps celebrated).

More importantly there are categories of speech which are not put forward in good faith but are instead intended to do damage to the community or harass certain individuals, i feel that this kind of speech should not be tolerated.
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What makes Bingwa the exception? Ama ananyenyekea sirikali?

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No no no, you get it wrong…This is not church…neither is it an office…common bana insults and tittys are allowed and should be allowed big time…sasa ati we bahave here how we behave in church or at work…common bana…this kind of thinking is failure in the first place.

Were you looking to start a church or something?


Aviator is just a troll and s/he’s quite good at it. When you ignore a troll, they get bored at some point and look for a new target. Lakini if you catch feelings fwaaa like Deorro then hapo ni kama kuchora bullseye kwa mgongo. Matusi ni mbaya lakini this moderator has time and again shown he doesn’t possess the emotional maturity required of someone in a position of leadership, whether online or IRL. Unless @Deorro = @admin, then admin should seriously consider stripping him of his moderator status.


Pipo gat isuz

vipi Bingwa


When you make a claim that i’m enforcing a kind of behaviour it would be good if you provided actual examples instead of having us just imagine a scenario that fits your claim.

I think black what @admin means though not expressly is that you cannot carry on harassing an individual in bad faith to such a level that he doesn’t enjoy the forum.
@Deorro has withered many attacks and at one point he said he prefers not to post on the forum but to watch from the sidelines.

You have a point but you’ve got to look at the context.

  1. Deorro didn’t ban her because she was attacking or abusing him on the forum.
  2. She was banned because she messaged him an insult. Which I think was crass and callous. Surely there has to be boundaries
  3. Deorro can’t ignore her because he is under duty to moderate her stuff. We other members have that option

In my opinion piga yeye kalamu kwany iko nene.


I dislike the guy btw…I would have no problem if all his handles were banned but rules have to be the same…the rules for Bingwa should be the same as those of anyone else.

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Still maintain Aviator is a bimbo so let her be, same way we know Bingwa is a disturbed kid yet we tolerate him

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@admin ban pia @Penguin scrotum ameharass @Mkufuu sanaaa

if the village is made up of cookie-cut personalities, it will die in a year.

if people want to fight bingwa, let them do it directly. it is unmanly to go crying to admin
Face him or go drying
Personally, i am pissed off being associated with him

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