@admean PAID UP TROLLS like @spear should face the equator

no worse thing like UNPAID TROLLS like @muchunu …let @spear be, kama hajakutusi where’s the problem?

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this ladybird is soo obsessed with @spear . I have never seen any other talker obsessed with a tree holder, muchunu is the first!! Threads zake zote lazima amention spear.

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Link of threats.

Thread ilingolewa jana usiku…ilikuwa moto faya.

I forgot about him many years ago by ignoring him.

Hehe … saitan

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1.The act of wilfully and knowingly changing ones sex in the personal details section from male to female.
2. The act of paying someone,with access to KTalk database to change the sex of a particular talker from male to female.

First use: @Gendarme
Watu wa examples,verbs and adverbs kujeni mueke hapa.

cc: @Electronics4u update lexicon…niliona jana @Deorro akileta maringo kidogo.

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Wacha uwongo @muchunu = @coldpilsner ulimulikwa when you replied with the wrong handle by @mukuna weka hiyo link:D:D
Tena kwetu kiambu hakuna jina kama hiyo, you’re as fake as trumps hair!!:D:D

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…are you his mother?





Arrow, ama ni spear

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Asande sana omwami… If only a thousand likes were possible:D:D:D
Hehehe… @Miss Finest Wine kuja hapa uone you’re village mate ameanikwa pap!! :D:D:D

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Hehehe…pole sana @muchunu Ktalk CSI amekumulika:D:D:D

Wanking material for you mungich

You’re damn right @muchunu… ati you’re mugikuyu from kiambu:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
@mukuna just made my day!!!:D:D:D:D

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waantum bikheir

@spear njoo uone troll imemulikwa!:D:D:D

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Ladies and gentlemen its time for a commercial break…