Admean banae..why are you entertaining hate?

I wouldn’t be surprised. @spear already told us that the chief troll in this forum is the owner. It is likely that the troll has more than 20 handles

Niaje choku, si unioshe macho kwa inbox najua those California legs are well maintained :p:p

Sasa wacha tuka some hizo posts zote za @Habesha .

You’re right about that admin being the same guy as that other half wit, place is full of ghouls

The very first time I made this connection they came to my inbox asking if I wanted to join the mod team :D.

Pia wewe ni multi handler kumbe

Kitu Wakenya hawarealise ni kuna markets huwezi ingia without a Somali connection. You can hate all you want, but you must respect.

I made that comment too when I realized there was a Jekyll and Hyde relationship ‘tween Patco/T. Vercetti and Purple.
Odd how ’ she’ takes the high road and ‘it’ takes the path under the bridge though they are always on the same page.
You should’ve taken the job

Wacha ni ulize Mzee he’s right here in this village

Hapa kuna PsyOps mob sana hua zinaendelea from foreign state actors. Some from the land below our border, wengine to the east, now this one from the north… NIS najua mko hapa hope you boys are also wreaking havoc kwa akina Jamii forums na za warria na pia up North

Counter intelligence ops kibao, influence is a subtle game