Admean banae..why are you entertaining hate?

You’ve deleted my previous thread after calling out @Habesha … We now know what you stand for!

@habesha= @administrator
Siberia beckoning.

You should know people

they are also squeamish about anti-somali posts …but anti-bantu posts are pinned on top!

Maybe we are just different…

Heri ablock hiyo nugu. We are pro Kikuyu and 100% pro somali

Habesha is brewing controversy. It gets the most clicks which is why purple aka T.Vercetti was made a mod and why there was encouragement of “bonobo this bonobo that/ Africans are monkeys” posts.

Did he touch some raw nerves.

Should be ignored

That @Habesha needs to be kicked out of here. Apeleke hizo ma agende zake huko

Habesha the tribe has spoken.[ATTACH=full]334589[/ATTACH]

@Habesha ako Tu Sawa. Huyu maragoli Arab amesumbua Sana.

I stand with @Habesha. Them skinnies can go to hell. F** Somali dogs

Shida ya maji ya Githunguri

It’s not about the somali people…come on!

Ametumwa Siberia ama?

Call them out or report the post

Vercetti is a bottom fagget

Niaje @administrator umesahau kucomm3nt na original handle

Naingilia wapi mimi mkubwa