Adidas juu chini... Even in death uncle Bob...


Wewe Chunga venye unaongelesha egyptian goddess… Whatever she sees while seating you can’t see while standing

Can I ride your kipara?

Uwiiii, jisas
Rip John Demathew

@Ice_Cube someone posted a video of Nigerian health minister who went to UK for treatment. Imagine Nigerians abroad blocked him from entering that hospital. He had to go get treatment somewhere else. They told him to go fix healthcare back home. Shenji

Years ago we used to visit our Kenyan Politicians when hospitalised here. We would make them feel at home by also inviting their relatives to our homes for meals wasikuwe lonely. Lakiniiiiiiiiiii sasa hata nisikie uko hapa at my local hospital Guys and St Thomas a walking distance from my house…siwezi come…neither would my friends. We are wiser.

Well done juzi naija walipiga senetor pale bendora

Endeleeni hivyo. These guys need to be taught a lesson. I even saw Moi going to Israel for treatment , the guy was in power for 25 years and couldn’t modernize any hospital to help people. I’m looking forward to a time when some of these politicians will be subjected to a town hall interview by voters before they vote.Hapo ndio mtaoona ujinga ya watu mahali imefika. Mtu kama waititu anaweza ambia watu nini?

:smiley: I saw. Pia huku najua kuna watu wanaeza pata kichapo ya doggie. So they best avoid us by being admitted v quietly. We are the ones relas call for hosi bills that the state can manage. Hatuwezi cheka.:mad:

Buhari stayed in London for close to six months bongo runs his country from Rabat our own kiyana died in London…

Once you hit the million dollar mark, the shithole country you come from can always go to hell because London, Bali, Washington, or even Bahamas starts feeling as close as your village dispensary. With good money, the world is a village.