Addressed to Mimi Humwagiwa ndaniii


That man Nyanchwani has a 100% chance of being a talker.

Hahaa… That mujamaa we can be friends

Kapsaa, sometimes I think he spices his stories with the stuff he collects from here and puts them as his own

Huyo ni @M2Random aka @Azor Ahai the Pilsner guy

Mwenye huongea sana juu ya matrips zaa uongo VS yule wa single mathas bashing na non existent business ventures

MGTOW lieutenant tebu nimalisie hizi ghaseers zote. Chama kiko imara!

A random man anakuja kwa table yenu anatafuta kinyambis

Pilsner guy. :D:D:D:D

“Personally I don’t drink anything less than 18 years.”

‘owns an apartment in Greece’, us rich men can’t get rona

Extremely irritating braggarts. People who really own such things are not excited by money. They don’t go around announcing it–they actually want to live very private lives. They don’t dress in a flashy way either, and they don’t go to cheap bars seeking random company.

Writers wengi hutoa content hapa

Huyo jamaa tunamjua sisi sote hapa lakini jina lake tumelibana Kwa wakati hui.

Isikuwe ni @Eng’iti

No sir

@M2Random huanga ndio ana izi tabia