Addicted to Lanyes

A while ago nilikuwa nakula madem wa campo and random street ladies until one day i decided to spend some extra 3k. Fika tao nikaenda modern green (due to endless praises from villagers) chose a pokoste of my liking and the business was done. From that day in a period of six month nimekula like 15 lanyes, everytime nikipita streets usiku nikicheki lanyes lined up my little man down there starts to react.
How can i quit this behavior inamalisa mimi kimfuko.

a man should visit a brothel only twice a month… And dont follow what talkers here say. Some just go to these brothels to unwind and clean their eyes Hii yako nayo ni too much…hope you are using condom correctly…

The Bible has a very clear solution. Chukua kisu ukate hio kitu inafanya uharibu pesa:

Matthew 5:30
And if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.

There are various ways of dealing with a problem. In this case I already have two solutions in mind for you. Ingia kejani unyonge monkey polepole na utumie mathe iyo pesa uko shags anunue dawa ya ngombe. Ama settle down tu na bibi akupee non stop

Hehe ya tatu haiezi make … do u know most clients who visit brothels are married men ?

If you were paying premium every time (3k … wololo), then you’ve paid out at least 45k in 6 months and probably more, sijahesabu room, kumbuyia beer moja, fare, STD testing (if any). Honestly I don’t see the appeal of kula’ing mapoko, I’d rather buy a ex-Japan car that was in operation for just 3 years huko Kyoto, than a locally driven taxi that has driven from Nairobi to Nakuru 200 times in its lifetime.

Ksh45,000 could have done the following:

  • Saved that money, and if you added just another 5k start investing T-Bills at treasury.
  • Go 50-50 on a nduthi and employ a dude to start operating on SafeBoda or the Uber BodaBoda app.
  • 2 (Not just 1, but 2!!!) all expenses paid trips to Watamu or Diani.
  • Just keeping that money in your KCB-MPESA or MSHWARI account so that they can increase your loan limit.
  • Lipa the first certification exam for s0000o many internationally recognized certifications, be it accounting, technical, etc

And so many other things. Better to find a young humble simple girl who’ll be giving you slices for free, take her out on good dates for tea and mandazi, and a movie at the cinema every quarter, and she’ll be singing your praises every other weekend when she’s at the all night praise and worship kesha at her church.


3k lanye wa modern green uliibiwa

Kama Yule kijana Mkisii?

Vile uwes amesema

Usijali @Condor my friend screws 10-12 hookers a month he even had a child with one if you remember that story

Soul ties manenoz


How long before you “Lames” finally get it … ???

P*ussy can be gotten for FREE



Beta male problems

You have restored my hope in Kenya.

Sooooo… kawasaki haina noma ukiseti na left? [SIZE=1]Asking for hassan Rouhani[/SIZE]

3k hiyo ni pesa unakula lanye kila siku for a whole week

Ni bibi rare sana anapeana non-stop. I’ve seen far too many cases of wives suddenly drying up once they have their first kid, and maybe pretending to be horny 2 years later when they’re looking for the second child. I have friends who basically only got it regularly during the honeymoon period and again in short spurts, with year-long gaps, when the wife is trying to conceive again. Girl friends are actually more generous for longer periods than wives for some reason.

reta rink tusome hekaya