Adapt or Perish

The generation whose working age was somewhere in the '90s and '20s walilia sana on how computers and the internet in general had rendered them jobless. Those who adapted prospered.

At the moment, Artificial Intelligence is a rising monster. By 2030, most careers will be useless. Even coding will be something so basic that an average class seven pupil will do. We are witnessing something mega.

Journalists kwisha
Computer Scientists kwisha
Accountants kwisha
Writers kwisha
Artists kwisha
So on and so forth…

Adapt or perish.

hizo mbwa zimemaliza wasanii na developers. I think the only reason Ai lawyers,engineers na madoktari have not been released to the public yet is because of the gatekeeping in those professions, but its inevitable.

Katambe buana, kwani iko nini?

Ilikua kidogo sana nibuy account ya writing but it looks like hiyo bizness iko in its last days. I can imagine this year jobs will reduce by 50%. Alafu nikasomea finance. :D:D:D. Maneno gano hii. Anyway, uzuri nimetaka ata kuresign job niingie biashara flani for some time now.

It is just a matter of time. Only few professions will be spared.

Writing iko ICU bana:D Though that industry imesaidia sana Kenyan youths. Wengi wangeumia sana hii Nairobi. @Jimit , if bado uko kwa industry anza kuuza hizo accounts juu sioni ikisurvive till mid-2024.

Cyber is already useless

How will AI replace me as a data analyst?

Unaipatia figures na inachora, chart or graph

Kuna watu wanajiiita Graphic Designers wanakuwanga na kiburi sana. Kabla mjamaa amalize design ya a product huwa mnasumbuana sana juu anajua hakuna kitu mtu atafanya.
Hii kitu sasa ndio dawa ya hizi ghaseer. …

Anything that can be automated is potentially replaceable, including data analysis. So gain new skills that will put you at the top of the food chain since AI cannot replace humans in entirety. It will just reduce the workforce to a significant extent.

Alafu niliona mahali ati US government and banks and corporation have embedded racism into current non AI systems such that minorities especially black get the same racist responses for bank loans, housing, jobs etc This will also happen in the new AI systems

Not so easy bro. Some of this data is quite complex in a way that demands extensive teamwork and experience. Again, AI only succeeds in highly repetitive tasks as it takes a lot of time to train the algorithms. Well, I know the algorithms will become better over time but not the point of replacing humans.

You are wrong. AI or machine learning algorithms are guided by the data you input. If you give it erroneous or biased data be sure to get skewed results. Remember, classificstion, under machine learning, is never 100%. There will always be an error no matter how well you “treat” your data

Ile profession itaponea ni nursing na care givers

How will you, say, automate data analysis? Do you know what automation is? How will you automate data collection, preliminary analysis, the actual analysis, reporting, clinical trials etc. I’m not sure about other fields thus my focus on data analytics

@Leonn kuja toa maoni yako ya peni mbili

Na Salesmen.
But Marketers wamemaliswo.

Na wakulima

Marketing and sales will be a great hustle in the future even with these AI. Just like communications skills, hawa watu watakuwa wanatumwa kwa ground kila mtu akiwa online