Ad Blocking

For the unapologetic torrent monkey. Because leeching.

One site starts to mine and the next thing you know is every site now has a spade in hand. And the worst part of it is they maintain the popups/popunders and the bloody ads.

1. Adblock

2. Hosts File
This has been my favourite method because not only does it block ads system wide, you also get past those site gates that demand you disable your adblocker to continue… at least for now. Another plus is Firefox autocloses popups/popunders that fail to load. Sweet.

My hosts file weighs in at 1.1MB. I got it from . I have added 13 entries in it so far.
Byebye popups!

You might also want to add[/CODE] to disable the JavaScript Monero Miner [CODE]


Hosts file is located at %WINDIR%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

3. Windows Firewall.
Some ad networks don’t have domains registered instead they use different IP addresses. You can set up an outgoing connection rules that blocks these IP. Keep adding them as you encounter them.

There’s a new strain of malware that uses your system to mine for crypto-currencies. They exit once you open the Windows Task Manager and resume when it’s closed. Install an AV.

MS SQL Server is now available for Linux.

Good Morning and Happy, Ad Free Torrenting.


Good one sir. Aliye na macho haambiwi tazama.


uBlock Origin is the gold standard adblocker. It’s light on memory and effective at its job.