Activist flees Kenya, refuses to pay damages

@Nattydread looks like her legal fixing days have come to a quick and abrupt end in Kenya.

[SIZE=7]She Was Ordered To Pay Damages And Apologize To The Man Who Allegedly Assaulted Her — So She Left The Country [/SIZE]

Many of them, like Patel, are queer, and fled because of the anti-gay laws and prejudice they faced back home.

Huyo Patel awache upus alipe charges bila kusumbua

This activists are mostly 99% here to enrich themselves so this is not a surprise.

huyo patel akulishwe maharagwe langata womens mpaka alipe

I read the article in the morning and I almost threw up!!! Some of these woke Feminazi are stepping on their own dicks!!! They claim to fight for survivors of sexual assault and abuse then in one stroke of pen trash the gains they purportedly fraught for, they make false claims that in the end cast aspersions on real cases! One step forward 13 steps back! Juzi some two rugby players were handed 15yrs in the coolers for rape because the prosecution proved in the law courts and not on twitter that indeed they had a case. She could have done the same but nope she had to be a prima Donna. Me thinks pasel was jealous of Moshama, she looked at her bank balance that was fast fading that gukas prick!! And boom to revive her otherwise dry literally career decided to throw Sony under the bus with the hope that her dwindling fortunes would improve again!

The framing of that article is something else bana…

“…Speaking to BuzzFeed News over the phone from a location she doesn’t want to be published for safety reasons…”

“…a judge had ordered her to pay damages worth more than $87,000 to the man she said sexually assaulted her, to apologize to him, and to never publish defamatory statements about him ever again. …” (They could have said pay damages to the man she falsely accused of sexually assaulting her)

“…she believed his writing to be denigrating toward women. She told BuzzFeed News on the phone that back in 2013, she refused to shake his hand at a literary event because of the way he had referred to another Kenyan woman writer, and has held that view of him ever since…”

The audacity men!

She held such a view of him from way back. Must have had a vendetta against him

It is inferred her preference is women not men. This could have been a case of envy gone wrong.

those activists are not rich.

The best part is that it’s a woman who delivered the judgement angekua mwanaume sijui tungejificha wapi

Hakuna surprise hapo. Ali Punjani is in India getting “medical treatment”


I thought I’d seen the last of Maina Kiai. The crux:

[I]Mochama, 44, told BuzzFeed News over the phone that Patel “already had hatred toward me, absolutely,” and that he believed Patel was jealous of his success as a writer.

"I think it really annoyed her that it was 2014 and no one really was recognizing her at all. It wasn’t a good year for her. I had won two awards. I’ve had time to think about motive. So let’s just say she wasn’t the biggest Tony Mochama fan at that moment,” he said.[/I]

Buzz feed na ile OMG news ya @captain obvious tofauti ni gani
anywho, international arrest warrant haiwezekani??

Yes Bro, it is sad she had to find vile ways to cut him down and while she initially succeeded, it backfired.

Lol, grifter hoe is grifting.

Let’s see if OPP and DCI will issue an international warrant of arrest.

Saw in some tweet alikua anaishi Bay area and she was squeezed out due to property prices!!! Whatever that is I don’t know!!! But in simple terms for nicompoops like Kimakia “squeezed out due to property prices” inamaanisha alishindwa kulipa rent huko bay area!