Action series

Looking for a good series with loads of action. Like the first seasons of 24, or strike back,

The Shield

Condor season 1 n 2
Jack Ryan 1 n 2
Seals 1 - 4
Godfather of Harlem 1 n 2

Banshee 1-4
Warrior 1-2


into the badlands

Berlin wall, the terminal list

Hii Justified nimekuwa nikiwatch for the past two weeks. It should rank among the best series ever created if not the best

Well, you guys made me get justified. Just watched the first episode and am not sure whether I like it thaT much. Will see how the other episodes fair…

This is probably the most quietest series have seen. The Sub barely came on for more then 5 Minutes…

The powepuff girls

The terminal list

The tomorrow war

Resident evil series

Lowest rating I have ever seen on a Series…

Achana na ratings, umewatch?

Hapa ndipo action mkuu!

terminal list iko sawa… but resident evil ni woke trash,

Nikama umeivaa hii sector ya maseries. Tebu nipe yenye inadeal na druglord, piracy, science fiction, etc? Will appreciate just completed Scorpion the other day and realised the niggas are really jokers

Tafta series ya tene inaitwa
The Wire
Try, Power but iko hyped sana
Force ( the one about Tommy from power)
Narcos, I think all seasons are good
Elcandidato (the candidate) try hiyo