act of war

Is Tanzanian hosting of NASA parallel tallying centre not an act of war?

TZ hosting anything is genocide.:p:D:D

This means war…

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They can host anything they want, parallel tallying centres, parallel olympics even a parallel swearing in ceremony for Raila.
Shit doesnt count


Nattydread kwa nini umefungua handle mpya ?


Let them even host a mock election and vote still RWNBP.

In high school we had a teacher that used to retort in our prep for KCSE. It gets to a point in that last year, in the few months to the exams, at that point in time it’s either one is going to pass or fail. Whether they pushed the exams two months back or brought them forward two months earlier. It is either you got the essence the last four years or not.

Why is Jubilee so worried if they know that their performance has been stellar, their record speaks for itself and they have the numbers. If they are assured of victory where does it matter where the tallying will take place as long as there is no funny business with toying with numbers.


nasa can get their tallying center hosted on the moon by NASA we dont care


The regime knows if all systems were untampered with and a legit election held, they’d be home by noon. Do your own mini polls around you. See who’s for and who’s not for the regime. That’s how we knew Trump was winning despite the polls indicating 98% likelihood of Hillary winning.
But this is Kenya. And shit like this happens[ATTACH=full]98239[/ATTACH]


With your know it all attitude, who won popular votes in USA,?

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With your dense observatory skills, who’s sitting at the WhiteHouse?


And with your pseudo intellectualism do we have electoral college in kenya?

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Now that one is one dumb question that I won’t bother answering. Ukichengwa kubali, not making a juvenile argument out of nothing. And you’re digressing from your thread, dufus.


Hey @jarateng , since you’re hell bent on the popular vote shenanigans to support your claims…
Keep backing the losing pony. And rigging and tampering with the odds to suit you isn’t winning, that’s thuggery.

You’re just a mere scammer who use big words to sound intelligent

Yo, @jarateng , show me where the popular vote is mentioned. Lol.

Sue me. If you had anything to be scammed, you’d know my government name. Anything else up your sleeve, ignoramus?
Good, back to the debate at hand.

Were you not trying to compare us election to Kenyan one,kama USA huwa wanatumia popular votes Clinton angekuwa ndani ndani ndani ya white house


They don’t. If they did, Trump would have campaigned for that and won too. So, as you help Hillary lick her wounds, focus on the here and now. The Hague duo and how they will clinch power come August. Wacha Ku derail thread yako.
If you need schooling on America, book a class. I would have done it myself but I’ll have to scam you 1st, but you’ve got nothing to be scammed . not even a profile avatar.