Acronyms Used In Cars & Their Meanings

Automotive acronyms continue to be used extensively. While most companies typically take two or three letter combinations and turn them into full-on model names – BRZ, MX-5, MKX, for example – it’s often the letters that come after the name that give the biggest clues as to its true identity.



NSX: New, Sportscar, Experimental
SH-AWD: Super Handling All-Wheel Drive
P-AWS: Precision All-Wheel Steer
TMU + IPU: Twin Motor Unit + Intelligent Power Unit

BMW: Bayerische Motoren Werke (Translation: Bavarian Motor Works)
M: Motorsport
SAV: Sports Activity Vehicle
sDrive: Two-Wheel Drive
VANOS: From the German “VAriable NOckenwellenSteuerung” (Translation: Variable Camshaft Timing)
xDrive: All-Wheel Drive

LS: Luxury Sport
RS: Rally Sport
SS: Super Sport

[li]R/T: Road/Track[/li][li]SRT: Street & Racing Technology[/li][li]392: Cubic Inches of 6.4-liter V8[/li][/ul]
T: Turbocharged / Transverse
M: Modificato (Translation: Modification)
KERS: Kinetic Energy Recovery System


SHO: Super High Output
SVT: Special Vehicle Team
ST: Sport Technologies
RS: Rally Sport

FIAT: Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (Translation: Italian Automobile Factory, Torino)[/B]

Si: Sport Injected
Type R: Racing
VTEC: Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control

F: Flagship / Fuji Speedway
GS: Grand Sedan
IS: Intelligent Sports
LC: Luxury Coupe
LS: Luxury Sedan
NX: Nimble Crossover
RC: Radical Coupe
RX: Radiant Crossover
UX: Urban Crossover

GTS: Grand Turismo Sport
GT2: Built To Meet GT2 Homologation Standards
GT3: Built To Meet GT3 Homologation Standards
GT4: Built To Meet GT4 Homologation Standards
RS: Rennsport

GTI: Grand Touring Injection
R: Racing
TDI: Turbocharged Direct Injection
TSI: Turbocharged Stratified Injection


Now,school some of these bonobos onV4-[SIZE=1]V8,[/SIZE]V24, VX VY,VT,VU,STI,HEMI,and the good ol’ WRX waache kuzitumia kama jina za gari

Tafadhali tunamwomba. But haven’t you noticed educating the common man that the v8 is an engine specification ends up with an argument. And you are left with no option but to call it a v8

Hizi ni engine types and can be found in several models and makes

TX inamaanisha nini?


Ok,now could you stop calling it a vx or v8? Good.

Naona hiyo inafurahisha wamama sana siku hizi.

Kuna Landcruiser V8, Volkswagen V8 etc. Yaani engine with eight valves positioned in a v-shape

Leta ya Toyota boss

Kweli sijui exact meaning other than TX-TXL-VX-VXL are all trim levels of the Prado. The TX is the base model and the VXL is the top of the line. The TX has the least available standard features and equipment where the VXL has all the bells and whistles.

Thank you,now look around hapo kwa ka joint kako and at the top of your voice say, “nikiskia mtu anasema V8 tena,nitapiga wewe hot slaps,meffi ghaseer!”:smiley:

Valves tena?

Touring (similar to turismo )=can endure long distances. X = all wheel drive/ 4x4 . ION can’t wait to spot one with a KDJ 150…/155 number plate

bells and whistles in a toyota? I love toyotas lakini hio phrase ni porche, lambo, some models of mercs, and other luxury or retro luxury cars wanafaa kuitumia…

Most Kenyans think V8 is a Model name owned by Toyota Land cruiser. Mafala hawajui ninwngine layout

Pistons haha

Anazeeka no blame.

Mkuu expound hizo zote

Gugu is your buddy