ACK Head

How am I contradicting? If uhuru goes to ug, he represents Kenya and himself. Anything he speaks is supposedly taken to be Kenya’s stand and his personal stand too. Iko shida gani buana?

And the purpose of leadership is to speak about the vice of the society. You forgot that? If in his opinion that is a vice, should he keep quiet because of the diverse congregation?

He was quite on the vice that was condemned by international community, the criteria for labelling of the vices of his personal/church opinions is suspect and follows more on his personal than spiritual role.

People don’t like to be criticized . The moment they do, unnecesary emotions sparks in. Role of the church is to correct things that are unethical . What’s wrong with that . Watu waache kujiona like the don’t error. Silly

Ulisema wewe ni officer wa forest?

Nikama hua makarao generally hukua ma fala…of late ndio ninaona mnanza kuongeza masomo ya gumbaru (of which you’re usually masters of mwakenya )

Anyway let me educate you a bit

Go read about
father keiser
Dingi mwana anzeki

Archbishop Desmond tutu

Martin Luther king was also a clergyman in fact he was a reverend and I don’t need to tell you what he did to our black brothers in America

Umeibiwa simu ama ni bibi ame kunyanganya

These people are dense wah! Hehehe

Numbskulls hide behind abuses, nikama mnaskia uchungu mkifikiria.

Stop getting emotional, nani ame abuse ?

Emotions? I am not emotional, your ad hominem.

Uhuru is elected, to a POLITICAL seat. In fact head of state and govt are his job description so yes he is elected to take kenya’s stand. Ole Sapit on the other hand is not tasked with making political decisions for his congregation, just like Atwoli is not elected to make political decisions for workers. Venturing outside their JD makes them busy bodies and attention seekers a la slay queens

That logic is alien to our friends. They only see things in their narrow perspectives.

Even more important is the separation btn the church and state. If we lose that distinction we will be back to the dark ages or theocratic experiments such as Iran.
While the church should speak out on social issues such statements should be issued after a formal process that is consultative, for example the catholics have a bishop conference that pronounces itself on certain matters. This habit of expressing your personal opinion and passing it off as that of an institution is narcissistic

You have sense and appreciate your mature approach . You made a bunch of sense .

Hey I have thought about something. Have you ever played Chess? When you look at the pieces in chessboard the bishop is always next to the King on the left and next to the queen on the right. There’s a main reason why the bishop is next to the king or the queen and not the knight. And the main reason is because in traditional England culture, religion played a huge role. Even in Buddhism same thing . In Indian culture the priest is always way up in their casts.

Now if a religious person gives his opinion regarding political quagmire it shouldn’t be over-criticized. He is a human being first then religious person next. Let’s not be an over-critique just because he belongs to the church and should shut up. Moi even though a dictator he pretended to be an AIC faithful worshipper . There is a reason why. Anyway it’s my 2cts thoughts and I could be wrong .

It’s not a big deal, the church played an important role in getting Moi out of power. Let it do the same role because Moi’s students are getting many things wrong at the moment.

mbona ume kata ku focus kwa haya mambo mengine unanza ku distract from the actual argument??
ill ask you again did you know martin luther king jnr was a clergyman… ( in fact a reverend) and at the same time a political activist/human right activist???


I missed this one. Safi comrade.

So you are equating the civil rights movement with the fake swearing ceremony?