ACK Head

Huyu Ole Sapit nini humsumbua? Separation of the religious beliefs and political orientation happened in the 16th century.

Sapit ni NASA

So apparently anyone you don’t agree or anyone who doesn’t align with your narrow political views is deemed evil and should be silent?..

Aren’t you selfish??

These church guys should be neutral and should not be seen to be supporting a particular side lakini huyu sapit seems to be speaking for NASA si alikua anataka kuenda swearing in ya odinga

ni meffi sana! he should stay out of politics.

He has a point .Church shouldn’t take political stand , they ought to be neutral

some people are behaving like they will rule kenya for the next 100 years. make laws or govern a country that you will expect you grand-daughter who will be married to a luo man will live in.

Get off that stinking bubble and tribal mental excitement . Make laws that you know wont used against you when you’ll be in opposition one day. remember that. thread abandoned

Assumptions is the mother of all fvck ups. I go to church for spiritual nourishment not political guidance.

Thats you, i bet you are one fucked up disoriented pegan …

Who the hell misinformed you that ole sapit doesn’t have a right to air his political views…

The church lost the narrative

Personal opinion on the church podium? using reductive reasoning seems to be your forte.

How is your babble related to this thread, or you hands were itching to comment unrelated gibberish?

Just because he gives his personal opinion he should be regarded as Nasa? Oh pulizzz…give us a break. Why do you like demonizing everyone with a divergent opiniom from you people? This is the worst kind of sychopancy.

From long ago the church always had its stand on the prevailing state affairs. From constitution, leadership etc.

Sapit has to act responsibly, when he speaks he has to cla

Did you know he existed before being elected to head the ACK, he is given airtime due to his congregation. If that isn’t something, I don’t know what is.

Ain’t you contradicting yourself Chief? His personal opinion visavis the church? He represents a politically divergent flock, he should respect that.

I didn’t know. Just the way I never knew uhuru or ruto before they entered to leadership. Reverend Njoya was there, Njue is there. Just because they haven’t spoke doesn’t mean they have no opinion.

Thread closed!

They acknowledge the fact that they have a diverse congregation, and keep their personal opinion to themselves.