Achievement unlocked: Russia has lost 1,000+ tanks

It has been visually confirmed that Russia has lost 1,002 tanks up to date. A marvelous achievement by Ukraine.

As is ktalk tradition I plan to wekesha nyama choma ka mbuzi mzima hivi juu ya hii story. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa, mpenzi mtazamaji.

Do you even have any idea why you support Ukraine?

How is that an achievement for Ukraine?

If you’re getting your arse handed to you in your own sitting room, then you do not understand war.

Visually confirmed by who? , All I see are pictures of destroyed tanks that could be anyone’s

Endelea kujienjoy, Mimi ni Team Red, sioni Blue Kwa Flag yangu TUKUFU


Russia is not fighting with Ukraine , ona fight na America , na Europe wenye. Wanna tuma arms Ukraine. Viva Rusky

Now tell us how many Ukraine have lost

Lol, they literally post screenshots from russian news about destroyed ukrainian tanks as a proof of destroyed russian tanks.
71 T-80BV (32, destroyed) (33, destroyed)


Good, I’m seeing a lot of mental gymnastics and Kremlin kope here. In the meantime, as long as were still on tanks, I have a list of demands:

  1. Back in May we were told that Russia had deployed “Terminator” tanks. Kwani mpaka saa hii hazijafika kwa front lines? Tunataka tuone kati ya Javelin na terminator ni nani ataterminate mwingine.

  2. Russia claims they have the most advanced tank “T-14 Armata”. Lakini kazi yake ni kuzunguka zunguka tu kwa parade. Hii tank iletwe Ukraine tuone vile itareact ikikula Stugna ama Javelin.

Putinstans mufikishe my demands to putler ASAP.

Now the kope can continue

I’m not sure who is more retarded, you or your comrade rexxsimba. Could you show me russian tank on this pic?