This just happened now so msiniulize ebbrifucation kuna giza.
I went to visit a friend and overstayed so as the darkness set in, I left and took a path that I knew was rarely used and most of the time has overgrowths. Just a little into the bushes(path) I met a guy whose movement clearly told me he was on a hunting mission and the prey was around. It immediately occurred to me that around their there are some ripe vienyeji, Achieng being one of them. Those girls born juzi juzi sahi wameiva mbaya.
After kumpita the guy an idea came to me, hapa lazima nicheze ki mimi, it’s dark and am heading towards Achieng’s home on my way home. So I wanted to know who the guy was waiting for, reduced my pace and waited at the next corner near the homestead. After a minute a figure appeared, since my eyes were well adjusted to the darkness already I knew immediately ni dame na clearly the petite Achieng was the prey I suppose. In the darkness I grabbed her and she didn’t resist maybe she knew am the Cassanova nilimwacha huko nyuma, held her close and lips locked, ile movie style(no words). After 1 minute or so, not to jeapoadize my identity I softly told her "chali yako anakungoja huko mbele’’ and vanished into the darkness. Akili mtu yangu.

ungekamua shot moja

Akili iliisha after one kiss.

My gonads were empty

Sikuelewi. What was the point of grabbing Achieng and telling her about the guy if at all you didn’t want anything from her?

uchokozi tu, sijui venye kulienda na chali yake

You should have grabbed her by the pussy and taken her to your crib for a night of conjugal activities.

hehe, kuna khupipi home, na niliacha village matches long time ago

Ungeingiza yeye kwa maize planteshen

Hii Handwriting ni ya @Karoga Na kama Elder, this what I have to advise him. Next time, unge thinuria yako, alafu umtoe pandy uingishe hapo ivyo kwa kunyenye, pump for at-least 7 seconds then mwagilia mbegu ndani

Alafu apate luwere… village girls aren’t the type you eat raw,that is if you value you valuable

Thanks for sharing. Dreams are valid.