Acer laptop stuck at "Repairing disk errors. This might take over an hour to complete".

Hello guys.
My laptop just developed this problem. On powering it on, it tells me preparing automatic repair, after which it displays a blank screen before finally instructing to wait for over an hour. Have tried waiting now for over 10hrs but it is still stuck there. I’ve tried googling the issue but no effective solution seems forthcoming.
I really hope there is a way I can restore it to its normalcy without having to clear my files (which I have no backup)
I really hope the technocrats here can help.

You’ve overused your harddisk space with crap or you’ve continuosly forced shutdown numerous times, most probably ulipatikana several times ukiwatch norpo and you quickly flipped the screen to coverup your dirty tracks. These are most of the cases that end up corrupting the Windows OS files and most probably you incurred bad sectors in the harddisk thus the check disk recurring everytime you reboot. If the problem persists then know that you’ll need a new copy of Windows OS and if it still persists on that then it’s a new harddisk plus new copy of Windows.

NB: Avoid watching norpo and wanking in public. Nugu.


leo umejaribu, ingawa the other time umeuliza msito @uwesmake tofauti ya LED Screen na Smart Tv

I was high on something that I can’t what it was.

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yaani @Chloe hii yote umetoa wapi?

Nauza HHD 320GB 2k na nikuwekewee windows kama uko nyairofi

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nunua HDD ingine tu


naassume hujasema kitu

…I thought once you flip the screen, the laptop either hibernates or goes standby?

Ukipata SSD uniambie

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Ai we, hizi ni mambo ya Windows vista or windows 95? Shutting the lid either puts the laptop to sleep or hibernate based on what the user selected in power settings.
Sleep will power down the HD, keep using the battery but no effect on the HD
Hibernate will save what you are working on or a copy of the ram then turn off, no effect on HD or Batt
Do nothing the laptop will keep running, no effect on anything. Maybe on the fan if in a stuffy area


Ata me naisaka mpya sifiki bei kusema kweli:D

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chenye amedai apo hajakosea ila apo pa hardcore movie sijui… pengine mna onanga pamoja… bt to add on tht najuwa ur lapi haikosi ilikupa warnings kathaa u do backup ur important data because ur hard disk is corrupt uka puuza… sasa matokeo ndio haya… na after getting lucky for getting ur lapi back to normal with a new windows pliz get ur self an external hdd for the feature… & u wll b on a safer side…


Sawa mkubwa lakini anaweza kuwa anatumia jade badala ya acer

Its better when you try to help instead of engaging on irrelevant jokes meant to only draw attention. Thanks for the advice anyway, hope you’ll one day learn to help without necessarily seeking your selfish gains. In as much as you’ll please those who want to be pleased, you totally gain nothing. I wish haungecomment, it would have been much better

lol not many people will get that Jade joke isipokuwa sisi TeamAcer

Still your explanation is wrong

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Unapenda kubishana na mimi sana. Kavae kata kundu tufanane basi.


Ukidanganya watu haufai kurekebishwa?

Mimi nakusaidia kutoa ujinga kwa akili yako na si kubishana na wewe.