Damn Ace tv leo imeamua…been watching and listening to some 50 cent and G unit tbt jams…music back then was preety cool…

kama unaona tv eka Ace tv…some crazy tbt jams

They’re very erratic with their service delivery.

A few times now, I’ve happened to find them airing a really good movie at night but there’s almost always something wrong.

The audio language was off (case in point, the original Avengers was aired with Russian audio this last Friday night) or the audio sync has an issue (they aired the original Predator movie with Carl Weathers, but the audio was about 7 minutes later than the video), again, in memory of Burt Renolds, they aired a 3 movie marathon late at night yesterday but everything was wonky … the audio, video quality and even mixing up scenes in the movies. I mean, shyiet! do they use a reggae club DJ to manage the audio?

Otherwise, they’re a good source of entertainment on the days they air stuff I wasn’t expecting. I landed on a good Anthony Hopkins marathon once. Love his work.

Yeao I agree

nonsense those fools can repeat a movie thrice a day for a whole week ngombe kabisa