Accurate Bombings

So I haven’t verified this but I’ve heard that the Israeli bombings were very accurate. Targeting only specific buildings that were enemy hideouts.

This is in response to enemies who like hiding amongst civilians as a form of defense.

Yes, sadly there were civilian causalties , but not the scale where there’s large scale destruction and the collateral damage too high, like bombing entire cities.

Innocent lives is not accuracy

They were using drones like we saw huko Azerbaijan.

Laser guided bombings

Fvck Israel and fvck them Juden

Arab seeking missile

Mende zilifinywa hadi zikasema Yahweh ni Bwana.

Hio kitu inalipua hewa na ground, as in it destroys the buildings foundation using concentrated shock waves. Ni kama zile cluster bomb za Russia. A chain reaction bomb.

All in all hizo bomb ni za maajabu. Bringing down a tall building is not easy.

Ndio hawa hapa chini waki pack tu camera twao . Hahahaha.

Lakini si mngeambia huyo Biden wenu apatie Hamas better tools? Kiuliso tu. Usini-ban. :D:D:D

Ama hio bomb inatoka from underground? What do you know? What have you discovered? How does it avoid the next door buildings?

How is that bomb able to bring the building down neatly without tipping it onto the neighbour?