Accountability muhimu sana


Rappers going philosophical. Blueface is calling out his gf for her erratic behavior. The woke, kama homosexual @Aka mpole kazi yao ni kuexcuse behaviors provided the doer falls within the spectrum of LGBTQ. Maghasia hawataki kukua responsible. Dem akirapiwa wanasema men are rapists but huwezi skia wakisema the girl was at the wrong place, at the wrong time with the wrong people doing the wrong thing. Homosexual jaluo @Aka mpole takupea adabu one of this days.


Ghasia imekua ikidate malaya
Ameruka iyo mimba kipetero kiyesu

@Jimit skumia huyo msani map ya embobut forest. He should be twitting akiwa exile mafichoni.

@Aka mpole how comes your message and mine zimedisappear??

Ulikua umeweka threads mbili, one was deleted

:D:Dhe enjoyed this shit until a kid came along

Liwe funzo kwa wengine

Yes. Ndo nmenotice. I deleted the other one.

Context is important. I didn’t know what he was talking about till I watched this video: