Accomodations around ruiru

I have some clients who are coming to Kenya for kazi kidogo around ruiru

Am looking for recommendations of good hotels around ruiru that offer full board services,if possible wakuwe na swimming pool and a gym.(wifi ni muhimu)

I need like 9 rooms for 2 weeks but bei isiwe more than 4k per day

Google maps is your friend mdau, check out price , pics , reviews…

Ruiru rainbow resort…it’s just near zetech where you can get the Kijiji standard soft meat who would do anything to party and sleep at the said hotel:D

I hope wako na website

Yes…I would recommend it

Uses to stay at ruiru at some point… Ruiru Rainbow resort is the only decent hotel in the area.

Rainbow iko poa venye wakuu wamesema.

Only reliable wifi nimepata ni za airbnb. Za hotels huwa unreliable coz many devices use it

Ahsante sana wadau.


Ruiru rainbow is quite a gem,I didn’t know such a nice facility exists.
The rooms look good, thought sijakula , I hope their cuisine is as good as the rooms